Over 50% of men, and 64% of women have
no previous symptoms before dying of CHD.(8)

heart disease

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Why get HeartSmart? Here's what we provide:

State-of-the-Art Software

HeartSmart provides extremely secure, web-based, software to easily input over 60 data points for a unique risk calculation for each patient. Reports for the individual have personalized action points. The software is customizable for each clinic, depending on which tests they choose to perform. Patient reports are formatted as a printable, easy-to-understandable color-coded PDF for patient presentation.

A Personal Representative

Your HeartSmart representative will help coordinate your startup checklist, provide in-office staff orientation and training, answer questions and help with troubleshooting.

Promotional Items

Getting the word out about this amazing service starts with recruiting patients from your regular clinic schedule. Though the most effective “advertising” is always a face-to-face conversation, we make available your clinic branded flyers, signage, posters and other promotional items that are great for getting the conversation started.

Carefully Designed Paperwork

We’ve worked to create easy-to-navigate forms, both for the patient and testing staff. This includes branded screening forms of various types with additional items for the results folder, which is another item that we provide access to.

Who can Perform / Sign Up?

Primary care offices, such as Family Practice and Internal Medicine are ideal. However, OB/GYN or multi-specialty groups would thrive on HeartSmart as well. Payor mix that favors commercial or Medicare advantage plans make HeartSmart testing possible.

Because every practice is unique, reimbursement and rates will be specific to your area. HeartSmart will work with your office to provide an estimate of return.

Example Types of Practices:

Primary Care

Family Practice

Internal Medicine


Med Spas


Staff Responsibilities and Office Flow

Office Staff

  • Inform and talk to patients about Heartsmart.
  • Prescreen patients for eligibility, precheck insurance benefits coverage and patient cost estimator.
  • Give patients HS paperwork to return on testing day.
  • Medical Assistant & Ultrasound Tech

    Administer wide array of testing checking for cardiovascular risks. See the homepage for an example list of screenings.


  • Examine patient at time of HeartSmart appointment.
  • Follow up with patient and their results 2-4 weeks after.
  • Physician FAQ

    What insurance covers HeartSmart?

    Nearly all major carriers, including most Medicare advantage plans cover HS testing. Coverage is always subject to diagnosis and patient out-of-pocket responsibility. We can suggest options for patients who have limited coverage for HS risk profiling, though we find that many choose the assessment with the thorough HS assessment and report.

    Do I need to buy additional equipment?

    HS assessment requires an ultrasound machine that can do carotid intima media thickness (CIMT), a dedicated spirometer (we have a very easy-to-use recommendation), an arterial elasticity assessment tool called Max Pulse and a few other low cost pieces of equipment.

    How much space / how many staff do I need?

    For optimal efficiency, HS highly recommends two (2) regular size exam rooms. Two well-trained staff can easily do 6-10 patient tests each morning. Also recommended is a phlebotomist and draw station space.

    How long is each test?

    A patient can expect to spend 1 hour in your office. However, as office staff become efficient, this should shorten.

    Is any specific training needed?

    An ultrasonographer will be needed to perform some of the specific tests, and a training in vascular is certainly recommended. However, for the rest of the tests, any medical assistant or motivated individual can quickly become proficient with the HS testing process. When your clinic commits to doing HS testing, we will schedule a day for on site training. Vendors will need to train staff on proprietary equipment per their specifications prior to the HS training. The on-site training should occur the week immediately prior to the first HS day.

    How do I learn more information?

    Simply contact us at admin@heartsmartsystems.com for more information. We would love the opportunity to send you more information about cardiovascular risk testing or any of our specific processes. HS is a win-win-win: nearly 100% of patients see the comprehensive value of a ‘real’ physical for the #1 killer in the US; and because insurance companies widely cover this testing, doctors have the opportunity to implement meaningful changes for each patient.

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